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Galactic Supernova Remnants Images of SNR Optical Counterparts


The sky around the Milky Way is rich with Supernova remnants (SNR). Some famous and regularly imaged, such as the Veil Nebula, others are less common but still imaged by amatuer astrophotographers, e.g. CTB1.

There are hundred of other remnants in the scientific literature which are visible in radio, x-ray and other non-optical wavelengths. Many supernova remnants have no optical counterparts. However, there is a rich vein of faint optical counterparts for some of these supernova remnants - unfortunately these are neglected by amatuer imagers.

Here I have collected all my images of supernova remnant optical counterparts. These range from some familiar images, through to some really faint ones which have few or no other dedicated amatuer images. Many have been found by taking speculative images of the objects with no idea what I am going to see.


The Galatic supernova remnant references are related to the galactic coordinate system.

ReferenceRA (J2000)Dec (J2000)SizeNoteCitationsCommentsMapImage
G53.6-2.219h 38m17d 14m33x283C400.2, NRAO 611Good one for imaging. A small but relatively bright region of emission and filaments. Faint small arc to the west.Supernova remnant G53.6-2.2
G65.3+5.719h 33m31d 10m310x240Supernova remnant G65.3+5.7
G74.0-8.520h 51m30d 40m230x160Cygnus LoopThe classic Veil NebulaSupernova remnant G74.0-8.5
G82.2+5.320h 19m45d 30m95x65W63Faint OIII ringSupernova remnant G82.2+5.3
G106.3+2.722h 27m60d 50m60x24Supernova remnant G106.3+2.7
G109.1-1.023h 1m58d 53m28CTB 109The SNR is situated about halfway to the left edge from the bright Sh-153 feature. There are some minor hints of interaction with the surrounding nebula, but very little is certainSupernova remnant G109.1-1.0
G116.9+0.223h 59m62d 26m34CTB 1The bright CTB1 supernova, very bright and an amost complete bubble. Supernova remnant G116.9+0.2
G119.5+10.20h 6m72d 45m90?CTA 1Dim and very far to the north. CTA1 supernova remnant is a disorganised set of filaments, interesting in Ha and OIIISupernova remnant G119.5+10.2
G130.7+3.12h 5m64d 49m9x53C58, SN1181Small region of organised noise in the location of the SNR, small and not terribly interestingSupernova remnant G130.7+3.1
G156.2+5.74h 58m51d 50m110A wide remnants with some organised filments and arcs. Very faint.Supernova remnant G156.2+5.7
G166.0+4.35h 26m42d 56m55x35VRO 42.05.01Sharpless 224. A wonderful object, with many arcs and filaments. Very bright.Supernova remnant G166.0+4.3Supernova remnant G166.0+4.3
G179.0+2.65h 53m31d 5m70Very nice but faint OIII distorted ring, ha is there but much fainterSupernova remnant G179.0+2.6
G182.4+4.36h 8m29d 0m50Sezer, A.; Gok, F.; Aktekin, E.A faint but nicely formed supernova remnant in the style of Sharpless 224. Very low contrast but a good structure. Highly recommended for narrowband imaging.Supernova remnant G182.4+4.3
G184.6-5.85h 34m22d 1m7x5Crab Nebula, 3C144, SN1054The crab nebulaSupernova remnant G184.6-5.8
G189.1+3.06h 17m22d 34m45IC443, 3C157The Jellyfish NebulaSupernova remnant G189.1+3.0
G206.9+2.36h 48m6d 26m60x40PKS 0646+06Stunning supernova remnant in Monoceros just to the east of the Rosette Nebula, contains beautiful looping filaments in Ha and OIISupernova remnant G206.9+2.3