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Astrophotography & DIY astronomy at the Curdridge Telescope Observatory

Welcome to The Curdridge Observatory.The majority of our astronomy and narrowband astrophotography imaging is done using CCD cameras and reflecting Skywatcher telescopes in Curdridge, Southampton, UK. Our work does not produce regular entries into Astronomy Picture of the Day or rival the Hubble Space Telescope, but is sometimes quite unusual! We try and make an effort to image more obscure targets, especially narrowband imaging of dim objects. We also enjoy the DIY aspects of astronomy and much prefer to build our own solutions utilising techniques such as a mini-lathe and home anodising for extra satisfaction

I have some strong views on astronomical equipment. We dislike the current mind set found in some amateur astronomers of spending to solve problems. Whilst we accept that some astronomy equipment must be purchased, we will only take this course when it becomes impossible to devise a solution on our own. DIY homemade astronomy kit gives a much better satisfaction per astrophotograph. And it is cheaper. Time spent solving a problem properly is time well spent. Going for a quick retail fix rarely works, it is always better to understand the problem properly.

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NGC281 IC11, Sharpless Sh2-184, Pacman Nebula
SH2-173 SH2-173 Phantom of the Opera LBN 593
SH2-69 Sharpless 69, LBN 99
SH2-155 Cave Nebuka, Caldwell 9
NGC7635 Bubble nebula    Sh2-162
SH2-140 Sharpless 140
SH2-101 Sharpless 101 Tulip Nebula
NGC6888 Crescent nebula Sh2-105
M51 Whirlpool galaxy
M92 Globular Cluster
M13 Hercules Great Cluster
C/2012 K1  C/2012 K1 PANSTARRS
M101 Pinwheel Galaxy

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