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  • Phosphoric acid: Another Chemical for Aluminium Anodising

    The Chemical formula for Phosphoric Acid

    Phosphoric Acid is H3PO4.

    About Phosphoric Acid

    Phosphoric acid is yet another colourless mineral acid. Used for rust removal, and, also, in the food industry. Most of the acid in Coke cola is phosphoric Acid. It says so on the side of the tin. It has often been suggested that phosphoric acid in soft drinks does nasty stuff to bone density. However, crossing the road is dangerous, and we do that every day.

    Phosphoric Acid in Anodizing

    Phosphoric acid is used as an anodising bath for anodizing aluminium. A rather thin coat is used on aircraft and aerospace alloy sheets. It acts as a nice base for the glue to stick the airplanes together, and also has the benefit of resisting corrosion... always a good thing in airplanes.

    Where to buy Phosphoric Acid

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