DIY Home Aluminum Anodizing

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  • Results of my home DIY anodising

    As shown above the pink post and the pink tube coloured using "organic" red food colouring.

    The red test lump. This was coloured using "Scarlet" Dylon clothes dye.

    The black grating holder. This is basically an M42 extension ring that holds my diffraction grating. Coloured with "Ebony Black" Dylon clothes dye. Who said getting a good black on anodised aluminium is difficult?

    The purple/blue ring. This is another test... I think it came out of the inside of a hard disk. Coloured using "Madonna Blue" Dylon clothes dye. Before anodising I removed the exisiting anodised layer with a good fizz in the caustic soda.

    Two parts of my homemade filter wheel using the black and blue dyes from the above examples.
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    Step by Step

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