M57 The Ring Nebula

It is now 3 years since I purchased my telescope, and two and a half years since I first replaced my eyepiece with a webcam.

During that time I have imaged M57 - the ring nebula, on many occasions. It is interesting to view these images together on one page as a demonstration of progress.

All are with the same 200/1000mm Newtonian. This started off on a standard EQ5 mount and then moved up (sideways??) to a Meade LXD55.

3rd August 2003 EQ5/Logitech 4000 SC1 Exposure unknown.

11rd August 2003 EQ5/Logitech 4000 SC1 50x15seconds

31rd August 2003 EQ5/Logitech 4000 SC1 Exposure unknown.

23rd April 2004 LXD55/Logitech 4000 SC1 Moved house to Curdridge. Concrete pier for scope. Exposure unknown.

24th July 2004 LXD55/Toucam SC1 RAW mode 120x25s Build observatory around pier.

30th October 2004 LXD55 Toucam SC1 RAW mode. Late season image. Details

16th July 2005 LXD55 (Autoguided)/Toucam SC3 (note background galaxy, which, iirc, was the point of this image) Details

28th August 2005 LXD55 (Autoguided)/Toucam SC3 2x Barlow. Details