M57- Astronomy and astrophotography CCD camera images

Object name: M57 CS=14.8, Ring nebula
Popular name: CS=14.8, Ring nebula
Object type: Planetary Nebula
Magnitude: 9.7
Size: 3 2.4
Position angle: 5
Classification: PN
Apparent RA: 18 53 35.1 Apparent Dec: +33 01 47
Constellation: Lyra

Still twilight, but the Ring Nebula is a bright target - I was suprised to see some detail in the dim galaxu IC1296 in the same shot

Captured in k3ccdtools. Stack in registax. No Dark. Curves in photoshop. Slight wavelets on the ring in registax.

Exposure Details :

35x20s on 200mm @ F5 with SC3.5

Curdridge Observatory, Southampton,UK