SH2-212 Sharpless 212, NGC 1624

SH2-212 Sharpless 212, NGC 1624
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Curdridge Observatory, Southampton,UK
Object name: SH2-212 Sharpless 212, NGC 1624
Apparent RA: 4h 41m  Apparent Dec:50d 24m
Constellation: Perseus
29 Nov 2014
Ten degrees to the left of alpha Persei the sky is rich in small objects from the Sharpless catalog. The little round blob of Sh2-212, Sharpless 212 is about 5 arc minutes across, and extremely bright. It looks like a tightly knotted ball of gas with some fainter fluff around it.

Here we have used 1500s sub exposures with a total integration time of about 5 hours. As you can see the rest of the frame is completely devoid of anything Ha emission, suggesting a lot of dust in this region.

Right above the nebula is supposed to be the open cluster NGC 1624, but nothing like a cluster shows in this filtered image. I am assuming the map is wrong and these are one and the same object

Distance to Sh-212 is estimated to be around 6000pc, so it would be pretty impressive if we got closer!

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This object is part of the Sharpless Catalogue of HII regions

This image was autoguided using my homemade off axis guider with Lodestar.

Imaged with my homemade telescope mount

Exposure Details :

Astrodon 3nm Ha Coma Corrector 12x1500s on 200 @ F5 f.l. 1000 with Atik 450 camera


Skywatcher 200 Newt (upgraded with OO Hilux secondary)
Sky 90 Refractor
Homemade focus motor
Homemade filterwheel / OAG combo with Lodestar guide camera
Atik 490 CCD camera
Homemade Telescope mount

Curdridge Observatory, Southampton,UK

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