I've put the DIY homemade GEM telescope mount back together after improving the mounting of the motor output shaft and done another indoor GOTO slewing video.

The mount is run from a Meade Autostar DS motor kit. These motors are designed to run a much smaller telescope, but can be adapted to run a much larger telescope mount because the Autostar controller lets you program in the ratio of the worm gears.

A consequence of this means the slewing is very slow - but it gets to the target in a few minutes, and I can wait a few minutes as I normally only image one or two targets a night.

The noise is still pretty dire, but sounds much more healthy than my previous video due to the better mounting.

Tomorrow, if it says clear, I will take the mount outside for some real GOTO and PEC tests. If the PEC looks acceptable then I am on the home run - I just need to make some covers and other weatherproofing bits and bobs . Then we can move the new mount into the observatory shed.

The main weatherproofing conerns are keeping the dirt off the worm wheels and gears, and protecting any of the mild steel parts. Most of the scope is made from stainless steel or aluminium but some parts (e.g. the shaft) are going to need some heavy grease and covers to prevent unsightly corrosion.