Do not get excited, I haven't taken any new data! This dataset of 7 x 900s frames of the NGC7822 region in sh2-171 dates from october. I'd hoped to add some more data but clearly I haven't, so I am calling it a day on this one.

Full details can be found here:

NGC7822 in Sh2-171

I rather regret not trying harder in this region. Should have stayed their all night instead of doing whatever it was I did do. NGC7822 is an interesting region - around 2 square degrees of nebulosity in the sh2-171 region.

This was taken on a moon free night - and it shows - I really find the moon makes a massive difference, even with decent filters. For faint Ha work you still need a good moonless night. The idea that hydrogen alpha filters are uneffected by the moon is a myth put about by vendors of inferior narrowband astrophotograph filters!