Managed the first decent image for a month

Horrible moon. Crystal clear skies. Bloody typical.

NGC 1499 California Nebula

The clarity of the sky demanded some imaging, despite a very strong moon, so I decided to go for something bright.

After looking at several targets, I finally ended up on NGC1499, the California Nebula. Suprisingly I've never imaging this rather famous target before, so I left the scope to get on with it at about 10pm whilst I went to bed.

In the morning I had 17x1200s decent frames and about 5x1200s of poor frames - some guiding gremlins. I also had a great deal of ice and frost on the telescope - however, it is used to that sort of thing, so no worries.

I've processed the image and I am fairly pleased with it - it is a bit washed out and low in contrast due to the moon, but pleasing nevertheless.

NGC 1499 California Nebula