I've tweaked with the colour balance on my IC1805 tri colour narrowband image

This is a very steep learning curve. I never really go to grips with RGB imaging, which is mainly why I went off and did lots of monochrome hydrogen alpha imaging.

Now I've got the three channels, I'm learning a whole new astrophotography art!

Trouble is, if you represent the underlying intensities of the three emission species, you end up with a very green image in the Hubble palette, because the hydrogen alpha is so very dominate. Therefore you have to attenute the Ha and boost and stretch the OIII and SII.

Following some remarks I read here I have changed the colour balance signifigantly towards a more golden result. I am not sure if this is any more scientifically accurate than the preview effort - which was rather green/brown.

Please click for the full sized version
heart nebula

At least this version looks more dramatic and striking - although I've made a mess of the stars so ought to go back and reprocess from an earlier stage with my new knowledge. Comments welcome.