On friday evening I attended a talk by Greg Parker of the New Forest Observatory to open his new exhibition at the art gallery in Sway.

The work of the NFO is worth taking the afternoon off work. My friend Pete and I travelled over to the observatory in Brockenhurst on friday afternoon for some of Helga's wonderful cooking and a chat about all things astronomical.

During the evening we headed over to Artsway in the village of Sway for view the new exhibition.

The turnout was very large. We all enjoyed some more of Helga's cooking, and a few drinkies whilst viewing Greg and Noel's images, which were well presented in the gallery. The combination of good data, good processing and great presentation of quality printing and decent framing always makes looking at their work a joy. I'm always very jealous when I compare to my tiny prints at home pinned to the wall!

Greg all gave a great talk on the different aspects of photography he enjoys. The famous exploding egg high speed photography shots went down very well, along with some work from previous generations of Parkers in some very odd parts of the world. The water filled balloons were also popular. Standing room only for the talk.

Greg parker Artsway nfo

Thanks for a fun evening Greg. When we returned home it was fairly clear, so I was able to grab another 5 hours to produce the CTB1 image previously posted.