Recent annoucements from the labour party conference suggest plans for phasing out traditional lightbulbs by 2011

I approve of energy saving lightbulbs. I use them in my house everywhere except the bathroom where I like the "instant" light of a traditional bulb. Energy saving lightbulbs also last much longer than traditional bulbs, which means less hassle added to my stressful life worrying about buying lightbulbs.

Attempting to reduce carbon emissions and save energy by banning traditional lightbulbs is also highly laudable. But don't forget, the majority still use normal lightbulbs. A traditional lightbulb factory can only make lightbulbs, and a few other similar things like vacuum tubes. A traditional light bulb factory does not normally make energy saving lightbulbs.

Therefore we have to use up a great deal of energy making factories to keep up with the demand for energysaving lightbulbs. We also have to expend energy dismantling traditional lightbulb factories that are no longer needed, and sacrificing the energy invested in making those factories in th first place.

And are traditional lightbulbs the big culprit? What about halogen spotlights? I know they give you sunburn, so they must waste lots of energy

And the worst one of all1 The 500W halogen flood lights bolted to the side of every body's houses, sports facility and pub car park. License all exterior lighting over 250W - that will really make people think.

As far as astrophotography goes, the big problem is not lightbulbs. It isn't sodium orange streetlights either. It is white light metal halide streetlamps. These are installed because people can see colour - and astronomers can't filter it out using a LPfilter. Because the light from white streetlamps is broadband, our light pollution filters become very ineffective.

Anyhow, I appear to be ranting. In summary I approve of banning the lightbulb. You can't stop the present government mentality of banning anything bannable. So join 'em I say. Just make sure you ban a few other obvious candidates too.