You name it - tonight it has taken a chance a break down.

Ok, so maybe I am stretching the point a bit.

First, the collimator cross threaded and jammed on to the off axis guider. Using some serious plumbing tools I managed to rip the two appart. However, no hread left on the off axis guider.

So I modified to camera-oag mating so that it was held on by three very iffy and insecure looking screws. Got the whole thing together and the dew heater snapped off the main scope.

Resoldered that back on, and found that the camera was misting up.

20 minutes to find the right allen key to open the camera, and nuked the dessicant and attacked the ccd with a hair dryer.

No luck of course. The camera is still misted over and icing up. I have never, ever had a good solution to keeping my Artemis camera dry. For me this is the biggest failing. Others seem to have no problems, so I guess I am going something wrong. :-/

OAG of course needs re-focusing. I can't dry the camera out. Therefore none of my targets really show up. I either run with no cooling - the noise is a joke, or I switch on the cooling and watch the camera mist over.

Iam always trying to make sure i am well prepared for imaging, but some nights the gods just throw problem after problem at you - I don't really understand what it is that I am suppose to do better.

I am going to give up in a minute - but I've no idea what to do for tomorrow? Perhaps I show take the camera apart AGAIN, nuke the dessicant AGAIN and put the whole thing to bed for a while.


Fedup of curdridge