I finally got fed up of my Fugi Finepix A120 and puchased a new camera. I've frequently found myself getting frustrated at not getting nice terrestial photos - I'm forever snapping pictures of things in the workshop, observatory, or when I'm out and about, and whilst the A120 has been super-reliable and a good performer, it was time to upgrade

Very Happy to finally be owning a digital SLR. I've seen so many friends weilding the damn things, I was feeling most left out! Now I've got one, and it is LOVELY. Very happy with it. About 300 quid refurbished unit off Ebay with a 4 GB card - you can't really go far wrong.

Here is a picture (taken with the old A120)

MY friend (and co canon owner) Little Pete soon lent me an obscenely large lens to play with.

This is so ancient that the 350d can't talk to the aperture control, which means all the pictures are taken at f2.8, bummer. Bugger all depth of field, but still a great lens.
Canon 350D DSLR
Sigma 70-210mm
Of course, sooner or later this camera is going to find its way onto the telescope. It has already done sterling service capturing The ISS and space shuttle pass and some nice star trails - about half an hour exposure whilst I was having a bath.