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Category: General
Posted by: Tom How
The Curdridge Observatory homepage has remained with the same theme it started with in 2002. Various links and bits have been added with little or no plan. The thing was a complete shambles.

After my recent revamp of the Recent Images page I decided to copy the theme over to the main homepage.

It has gone pretty well, except I don't have it working quite right in IE9. All the web kit browsers, Chrome, Safari etc are fine. Why can't all browsers work the bloody same, eg?

It is possible I'll through this design out and change it for something else in a few weeks, but for now at least I have a homepage that I'm not actually embarrassed about!
Category: General
Posted by: Tom How
I seem to have been very remiss in updating this blog over the last year.

The main activity this summer has been making my own Arduino based telescope control system for the homemade mount

I've also just updated the recent images directory on the site after not touching it for 2 years!

Recent Images

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