Astronomical Articles

A number of my short scribblings on astronomical (and non astronomical!)topics. Thoughts and ideas that occour to me at the telescope.
Computer Programmer's guide to accountants
My views on extra-terrestrials as an astronomer
The Scale of the Universe
A rough guide to astronomy
Telescope Buying Advice - some advice to a friend.
Astronomical Pet Hates
Webcam Modifications Summary
Photons - How many astronomers does it take to make a cup of tea?
Astronomy Weather
The state of astronomy in the mind of the modern public
Moonlight test of astronomik CLS filter

Webcam Autoguiding.
Anodising Aluminium at home
Download constellations text file   Accountant Tutorial
  Astronomy Weather
  Rough Guide to Astronomy
Autoguiding with a Meade LXD55 mount with a webcam. Time Spent with the Artemis CCD Camera.
Computer controlled Motorised Guide Scope Mount. Also includes some program code for parallel LPT ports.
Current Imaging Process
Faint Jovian Moons: Himalia, Elara, Pasiphae
  Download Constellations

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M31 Andromeda Galaxy globular and open clusters
Pease 1 PN inside M15
Einstein's Cross (and no, I haven't got it yet!)
Quasar redshift measurement
Rosetta Spacecraft Flyby

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