Astronomical Constellations - download text file

As any astronomer should know, the stars we see in the night sky are scattered in three dimensional space. However, over thousands of years the system of constellations developed which gives arbitary names to the various groupings of stars in the sky.

Some of the constellations, such as Orion, do look vaguely like their namesake, however, most of them require quite strong use of the imagination.

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) recognizes 88 official constellations. When I was writing some astronomical software, I spent a lot of time searching for a decent list of constellations to import into my software.

So, to try and save somebody else the effort I've put my file on this page for anyone to freely download. Please find the html table at the bottom of this webpage, and constellations text file can be downloaded here

Name Genitive Code
AndromedaAndromedae AND
AntliaAntliae ANT
ApusApodis APS
AquariusAquarii AQR
AquilaAquilae AQL
AraArae ARA
AriesArietis ARI
AurigaAurigae AUR
BootesBootis BOO
CaelumCaeli CAE
CamelopardalisCamelopardalis CAM
CancerCancri CNC
Canes VenaticiCanum CVN
Canis MajorCanis Majoris CMA
Canis MinorCanis Minoris CMI
CapricornusCapricorni CAP
CarinaCarinae CAR
CassiopeiaCassiopeiae CAS
CentaurusCentauri CEN
CepheusCephei CEP
CetusCeti CET
ChamaeleonChamaeleontis CHA
CircinusCircini CIR
ColumbaColumbae COL
Coma BerenicesComae Berenices COM
Corona AustralisCoronae Austrinae CRA
Corona BorealisCoronae Borealis CRB
CorvusCorvi CRV
CraterCrateris CRT
CruxCrucis CRU
CygnusCygni CYG
DelphinusDelphini DEL
DoradoDoradus DOR
DracoDraconis DRA
EquuleusEquulei EQU
EridanusEridani ERI
FornaxFornacis FOR
GeminiGeminorum GEM
GrusGruis GRU
HerculesHerculis HER
HorologiumHorologii HOR
HydraHydrae HYA
HydrusHydri HYI
IndusIndi IND
LacertaLacertae LAC
LeoLeonis LEO
Leo MinorLeonis Minoris LMI
LepusLeporis LEP
LibraLibrae LIB
LupusLupi LUP
LynxLyncis LYN
LyraLyrae LYR
MensaMensae MEN
MicroscopiumMicroscopii MIC
MonocerosMonocerotis MON
MuscaMuscae MUS
NormaNormae NOR
OctansOctantis OCT
OphiuchusOphiuchi OPH
OrionOrionis ORI
PavoPavonis PAV
PegasusPegasi PEG
PerseusPersei PER
PhoenixPhoenicis PHE
PictorPictoris PIC
PiscesPiscium PSC
Piscis AustrinusPiscis Austrini PSA
PuppisPuppis PUP
PyxisPyxidis PYX
ReticulumReticuli RET
SagittaSagittae SGE
SagittariusSagittarii SGR
ScorpiusScorpii SCO
SculptorSculptoris SCL
ScutumScuti SCT
SerpensSerpentis SER
SextansSextantis SEX
TaurusTauri TAU
TelescopiumTelescopii TEL
TriangulumTrianguli TRI
Triangulum AustraleTrianguli Ais TRA
TucanaTucanae TUC
Ursa MajorUrsae Majoris UMA
Ursa MinorUrsae Minoris UMI
VelaVelorum VEL
VirgoVirginis VIR
VolansVolantis VOL
VulpeculaVulpeculae VUL

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