Other Websites


Peter Katreniak - K3
Cor Berrevoets - Registax
Carsten Arnholm - AVIRaw and much much more
GuideDog autoguiding software
Imagetools CA - Carsten's vital calibration and stack software


The best supplier in the UK (nah, the world!!) is Bern at Modern Astronomy

Other imagers

Deep Sky Images at the New Forest Observatory with Greg Parker and Noel Carboni
Jan Timmermans - The Dutch Master
Steve Chambers - the man with the mods
Etienne Bonduelle - Very good and TWIRGer to boot.
Carsten Arnholm - Observing in the snow! Robin Leadbeater - Spectral things...
Paul Gordon - our website host!
Julian Palmer - lord of the soldering iron
Jim Thommes - Sc3 and Artemis
My old winemaking pages - a hobby before astronomy

USeful pages

UK Astro Imaging
The STScI Digitised Sky Survey
Richard Crisp and his narrow band filters
NGC 206 Andromeda Cluster Reference Image
Globular Clusters in the Andromeda Galaxy
Atlas of the Andromeda Galaxy
The Maffei 1 group of Galaxies
The M81 Group
The RASC's Deep Sky Challenge Objects list
A CCD Tour of the Universe
DSC in pictures
Palomar Globulars
More on the Palomar Globulars
Astronomy for Beginners links
Sonoma State University
Common Names of DSOs