Stellar Spectra

Date: 26th November 2004

Using my 100lines/mm grating and my new black and white SC3 toucam, I captured the spectrum of several different classes of star.
All taken at prime focus of my 200m F5 newtonian. 1/25 second, gain adjusted for each star. Processed according to my spectrum processing method.
Just so we all remember the order... O B A F G K M
Gamma Cassiopeiae B0I
Epsilon Cassiopeiae B2
Alpha Andromedae B9p
Delta Cassiopeiae A5V
Beta Cassiopeiae F2III
Alpha Persei F5Ib
Alpha Cassiopeiae K0II
Beta Andromedae M0III

We can see the Balmer hydrogren lines in the hotter stars, but they are not present, or confused, in the cooler stars. The cooler the star, the more lines we see from heavier elements.
There is a strange spike in the H- Alpha region of Gamma Cass - this is due to a heated envelope of hydrogen gas around the star.