ARP84 NGC 5395 & 5394 (Arp 84)

ARP84 NGC 5395 & 5394 (Arp 84)

Curdridge Observatory, Southampton,UK
Object name: ARP84 NGC 5395 & 5394 (Arp 84)
Apparent RA:  Apparent Dec:
Constellation: Canes Venatici
The interacting galaxies NGC 5395 and 5394 together make up the Arp 84 object. In the top right is NGC 5380 in the Virgo cluster and perhaps 3 times further away from Arp 84. The background field is littered with countless distant galaxies.

Image scale is 1.3"/p so these two are pretty small but have a high surface brightness. They are known as the Heron galaxy, for obvious reasons!

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cCaptured in Maxim and processed in photoshop

This image was autoguided using my homemade off axis guider with Lodestar.

Imaged with my homemade telescope mount

Exposure Details :

Baader L Coma Corrector 40x300s on 200 @ F5 f.l. 1000 with Artemis 285 camera


Skywatcher 200 Newt (upgraded with OO Hilux secondary)
Baader Focuser
Homemade focus motor
Homemade filterwheel / OAG combo with Lodestar guide camera
Artemis 285 CCD camera
Homemade Telescope mount

Curdridge Observatory, Southampton,UK

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