14 Oct 2012
Object name: IC63
Apparent RA: 0h 59m 51s  Apparent Dec: +60 56 27
Constellation: Cassiopeia

The Gamma Cas Nebula is a huge area of nebulosity around around the bright star gamma Cassiopeiae. IC63 is just a small part of it, but I've taken a long close look with the 8 inch F5 skywatcher 200 Newtonian telescope and the Artemis 285 CCD camera. 6 hours of total exposure helps smooth out this complex field which is full of glowing nebulosity. In the bottom right corner we can see the light from the star itself. IC59 is just creeping in on the top right. Taken across two moonless nights in October 2012.

View full sized image of IC63

Captured in maxim and processed in photoshop

This image was autoguided using my homemade off axis guider and my black and white SC1 webcam.

Imaged with my homemade telescope mount

Exposure Details :

Coma Corrector SII 18x1200s on 200mm @ F5 with ART285

Curdridge Observatory, Southampton,UK

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