M82 M81 A Pair of galaxies

M82 M81 A Pair of galaxies

14 Jan 2012
Object name: M82 M81 A Pair of galaxies
Apparent RA: 09 55 54.0  Apparent Dec: +69 40 59
Constellation: Ursa Major

A huge integration time on this pair. No set of galaxies fits on the frame of the 350D better when planted on the business end of the F5 8inch Skywatcher Newtonian.

Disappointed that I couldn't get the colour to come right, but a nice framing. The big sensor on the 350D really does the scope justice.

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Captured in Maxim and processed in photoshop

This image was autoguided using my homemade off axis guider and my black and white SC1 webcam.

Imaged with my homemade telescope mount

Exposure Details :

Coma Corrector 50x600s on 200mm @ F5 with 350D

Curdridge Observatory, Southampton,UK

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