NGC 2359 Thor's Helmet

NGC2359 Thor's Helmet
13 March 2007
Object name: NGC2359 Thor's Helmet
Object type: Bright Nebula
Size: 9 6
Classification: EN
Apparent RA: 07 18 30.0 Apparent Dec: -13 13 30
Constellation: Canis Major

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NGC 2359 is a rather fun looking object. A sort of wintertime Bubble Nebula in some ways. This object is in the southern part of the milky way, and is a challange from 51 degrees North. From my observatory, NGC 2359 only manages about 25 degrees of altitude, and is only visible for a couple of hours between trees and my next door neighbour. During this brief period I have to contend with smoke from the nearby chimney pot.

The bubble here in the middle of NHC 2359 is being blown by a rather hot headed Wolf-Rayet in the middle. Thor's Helmet is also a member of that rare class of astronomical nebulae, those which actually bear some resemblance to their namesakes.

This is another extremely popular areas with the celestial cartographers, and this image can boast NGC 2359, NGC 2361 and the whole area is referenced in the Sharpless catalogue as Sh 298.

Captured in ArtemisCapture, calibrated in ImagetoolsCa, DDP in maxim, thuggery in photoshop. In retrospect I made a tactical error with this one: I should have gone for 2x2 binning. The seeing was hopless in that direction, and the time short. My rather humble mount was struggling to track well in such unfamiliar parts of the sky as well.

This image was autoguided using my 400mm focal length refractor and my black and white SC1 webcam.

Current Imaging equipment configuration

Exposure Details :

Coma Corrector Ha 15x600s on 200mm @ F5 with ART285

Curdridge Observatory, Southampton,UK