IC 3568

15th March 2006
Object name: IC3568
Object type: Planetary Nebula
Magnitude: 10.6
Size: 10"
Apparent RA: 12h 33m 31s Apparent Dec: +82° 31 42
Constellation: Camelopardalis

Planetary Nebula make super targets for the staranalyser. The classic target to aim for is NGC 6543 The Cats Eye Nebula, however during the winter, IC 3568 is well positioned very close to the north celestial pole, and should be a target for all staranalyser users, even in full moon.

I have easily identified Hydrogen Alpha and Beta. The two oxygen lines merge at this resolution, but the asymmetry of the OIII spike shows it is there, and also shows that the 5006Å line is stronger. Hydrogen gamma is clearly visible, but the indentification of H delta is very marginal. Based the the cateye spectrum analysis, I have tentatively identified the blimp at 5875 as helium.

The oxygen in this PN seems stronger relative to the ratio in NGC 6543, so I'd suggest that visually IC 3568 would display less red features.

The spectrum also shows a strong left to right gradient due to moonlight.

Captured in artemis capture and combined with 1 star alignment in Maxim DL. Saved as fits. Loaded into photoshop, rotated and cropped, saved as fits using fitsplug. Calibrated and graphed in Vspec.

This image was autoguided using my 400mm focal length refractor and my black and white SC1 webcam.

Exposure Details :

StarAnalyser 19x90s on 200mm @ F5 with ART285

Curdridge Observatory, Southampton,UK