M17- Astronomy and astrophotography CCD camera images

Object name: M17 Sh2-45, Omega nebula
Popular name: Sh2-45, Omega nebula
Object type: Bright Nebula
Magnitude: 6
Size: 20 15
Position angle: 0
Classification: EN+OCL
Apparent RA: 18 20 48.0 Apparent Dec: -16 11 00
Constellation: Sagittarius

This is the first time I have imaged this object. I increased exposure time and reduced gain a bit. This object is a very low elevation from my location

Captured in k3ccdtools. Stack in registax. No Dark. Curves in photoshop. Faded minimum filter to reduce star brightness in photoshop

Exposure Details :

39x30s on 200mm @ F5 with SC3.5

Curdridge Observatory, Southampton,UK