PK205+14.1- Astronomy and astrophotography CCD camera images

Object name: PK205+14.1 Medusa Nebula
Popular name: Medusa Nebula
Object type: Planetary Nebula
Magnitude: 14.1
Size: 10 6
Apparent RA: 07h 29m 00.0s Apparent Dec: +13 15' 00"
Constellation: Gemini

This is a fairly large planetary nebula. The central star is clearly visible - see here for indentification.
I'd recently seen a fantastic Ha image of this object by Jim Thommes, so I figured I'd have a go despite not having an Ha filter.
The image has been stretched a lot to show the nebula, which has effected the background noise. I could not see anything on the raw frame, and should, in retrospect, have gathered some more frames and trusted to the image processing more!
Even this result would have been impossible if it had not been for exceptionally transparent skies.
A stunning reference image of this object featured here. Looking closely at that APOD image, you can see some tiny distant galaxies that are also picked up on my image.
Tracking on this image was good, with a fine bright guidestar. I found today that I did not have a 20s dark from last night, only a 15s, hence the slight amp glow. Overall I was pleased to get any kind of presentable result. Not sure why its called the Medusa Nebula. Looks more like the 'bunch of bananas' nebula to me.

Stacked in registax 3 with dark. TIFF exported to photoshop and processed with curves. Star bloat reduced with a less stretched copy over the top. Slight minimum filter to reduce star saturation.

Exposure Details :

IR Block 70x20s on 200mm @ F5 with SC3.5

Curdridge Observatory, Southampton,UK