13th November 2004

Name: M 33
Popular name: Pinwheel Galaxy
Type of object: Galaxy
Magnitude: 6.2
Surface brightness: 13.8 mag/sq arcmin
Size: 68.7'x41.6'
Position angle: 23
Right ascension: 1h 34m 9s Declination: +30 41' 5"
Constellation: Triangulum

200mm F5 newtonian @F5 , SC3.5 toucam RAW mode. IRB + RGB filter.
80mm F5 refractor @ F10 guidescope with SC1 toucam and GuideDog

This started out as an image of NGC604, but I got a little carried away. Its a four frame mosaic. Each frame is 75x15s stacked in registax.
Curves in photoshop and iMerge used to put the mosaic together. Perhaps one day I will complete the mosaic with the outer regions of this huge galaxy.

Location: Curdridge, Southampton, UK. 51N 15W.