15th September 2004

Bright Nebula
Size: 7.5'
Right ascension: 21h 43m 7s Declination: +66 7' 29"
Constellation: Cepheus

200mm F5 newtonian @ F3.3, SC1.5 toucam RAW mode.
80mm F5 refractor @ F10 guidescope with SC1 toucam and GuideDog

87x50s + 53x10s frames. Captured in K3, debayered in AVIRaw, stacked in Registax, curves in photoshop. NeatImage for noise.

Slighly over processed. In this image the main nebula at the bottom is IC5134. Inside the nebula is open cluster NGC7129. IC5133 and IC5134 are also visible around the two stars directly above the main nebula.The nebula around the star to the left is not in any catalogue I could locate.

Skymap appears to be missing several stars in this area - especially inside the main nebula.


Location: Curdridge, Southampton, UK. 51N 15W.
Details of equipment and method.

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