NGC 7538

14th September 2004

Bright nebula
Size: 8.0'x7.0'
Right ascension: 23h 13m 51s Declination: +61 32' 14"
Constellation: Cepheus

200mm F5 newtonian @ F3.3, SC1.5 toucam RAW mode.
80mm F5 refractor @ F10 guidescope with SC1 toucam and GuideDog

60x40s frames. Captured in K3, debayered in AVIRaw, stacked in Registax, curves in photoshop. Noise reduction in Neat Image.

I was not very sure of this one - thought it might be a bit faint for my camera - but I am happy to have captured something

The image had to be processed heavily - and the amp glow turned out as a bit of a mess in the top left.

Location: Curdridge, Southampton, UK. 51N 15W.
Details of equipment and method.

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