Object name: NGC7635 in Sh2-162, Bubble nebula
Popular name: in Sh2-162, Bubble nebula
Object type: Bright Nebula
Magnitude: 11
Size: 15 8
Position angle: 0
Classification: EN
Apparent RA: 23 20 45.0 Apparent Dec: +61 12 42
Constellation: Cassiopeia

The Bubble Nebula is a very tricky target without emission line filters. Its tricky to get the nebula out of the background in my less than perfect skies. Getting good colour layers is difficult with the webcam and its lack of binning.

Captured in k3ccdtools, stacked in registax, coregistered and scaled in IRIS, messed in photoshop and touched in neatimage

Exposure Details :

45x40s on 200mm @ F5 with SC3.5
Green 60x10s on 200mm @ F5 with SC3.5
Red 60x10s on 200mm @ F5 with SC3.5
Blue 60x10s on 200mm @ F5 with SC3.5

Curdridge Observatory, Southampton,UK