The Moon

Image taken 17 Feb 2003, 22:00
compiled from 70 stacked images
Location Tom's back garden, near Southampton
2C, turbulent
Distance 403,931 km (1.3 light seconds)
Diameter 3,476 km
Angle 0 29' 56"
Equipment used Helios 8" newtonian reflector
Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 (no lens)
K3CCDTools, Registax and Photoshop
Comments At least a thousand images were taken by the camera, most of which were out of focus over 2/3 of the frame, and not always the same 2/3.
Most of the images had different brightness / contrast levels as we'd forgotten to disable auto exposure and very few frames fitted together easily due to atmospheric turbulence.
We sifted through the images and pulled out the best ones and painstakingly compiled them in Photoshop taking care to blend the best bits of each frame.
The result is well worth the effort!

Full versions of this image are available in TIFF (2MB) and BMP (3MB) formats.

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