Planetary Conjunction with Moon

Image taken 15 May 2002, 21:20 (BST)
Location Longcross Plain, New Forest
50°56'06"N  1°39'12"W   SU244151
18°C, distant cloud

By this time, a week after the previous photograph was taken, Mercury and Saturn had plunged toward the horizon, too close to be seen. Jupiter (top left) was getting closer to Venus (bottom right) with the two day old Moon bisecting the two.
Although the Moon is only a thin crescent (12% of full), it is still so much brighter than the other stars and planets that it has overexposed this photograph and appears as a disc.
the upside-down crescent below the moon was caused by a reflection of the moon in the camera lens. 

Equipment used Pentax P30T, 50mm standard lens
Kodak Gold 100 ASA, f1.8, 10 seconds exposure.