Autoguiding with a webcam for astrophotography and astronomy

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Autoguiding... finally....

I hope you have found this a useful chunk for information on the mysteries of autoguiding, and that you are able to go on and get some great astrophotographs with you new found autoguiding knowledge. On of the biggest keys to successful deep sky astrophotography is decent autoguiding - without it, you are never going to get those astro piccies you want!

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Astronomy software for autoguiding

There are various bit of astronomy software out there for autoguiding.
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Some Other Articles

Setting up GuideDog

I always use Guidedog to do my autoguiding. The principle reason for this is that guidedog is the simplest autoguiding software available. It really does not do anything clever, and as such it is possible to have a complete understanding of what it does, and it never goes wrong!

Within Guidedog, most of the settings are fairly self explanatory. Below are some screenshots of the setting I am using.

guidedog autoguiding settings guidedog autoguiding settings guidedog autoguiding settings