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Sh2-49 Sh-49 from the Sharpless catalogue

Sharpless 49 Sh2-49 is the classic Eagle Nebula region. This is an extremely bright part of the sky, but in the UK we suffer due to the very low declination. It is around 7000 light years away in Serpens.

Made extremely famous by hubble in the Pillars of Creation image in 1995, which we can see at slightly lower resolution in the image below.

I've only ever had one good shot at this. It requires long clear nights at a very particular time of year to get a long integration without trees or twilight getting in the way. The image below is made of a full tri-colour narrowband image using Astrodon Ha, SII and a Baader OIII filter.
Other catalog designations
Notes:Large area including M16, RCW 165, Gum 83
Messier M16

Sharpless sh2-49