12 Jan 2005
Object name: IC 417
Object type: Bright nebula
Size: 13.0'x10.0'
Apparent RA: 5h 28m 27s
Apparent Dec: +34 25' 50"
Constellation: Auriga

200mm F5 newtonian @F5 @f3.3 , SC3.5 toucam RAW mode. IRB filter.
80mm F5 refractor @ F10 guidescope with SC1 toucam and GuideDog

450x8.5s exposures.

This evening I had just imaged comet Machholz with my focal reducer. I'd never tried the focal reducer with the new SC3 camera before, and I was pleased that the resulting images had reasonable shaped stars.

I got distracted and left the scope collecting lots and lots of frames of this star packed part of the sky - the nebula was very faint, and required a lot of curves to bring it out. One for the Ha filter, when I get around the buying it!

The AVIs were stacked in Registax 3. Curves in photoshop. Slight noise reduction in Neat Image