I've picked up the homemade DIY telescope mount project again. This project has been rattling around my workshop for years

I think the last work on the DIY equatorial telescope mount project was around Christmas time. Since then the poor spell of weather and a dwindling supply of motivation has resulted in poor progress.

As usual, a motivational visit to the New Forest Observatory has got my brain whirring again.

The last problem I ran into was the motor on the RA axis. Whilst the threaded shaft that turns the worm year is fixed in place by two bronze bushings, the motor shaft (attached via a pulley to the worm shaft) was just passing through a hole in a block of aluminium. As such it was able to flex, and this flex resulted some tracking rate errors.

A quick trip to the bearing shop and I've got two ball bearings and two bronze bushes. These components will be used to support the motor output shaft.

It has been difficult to measure the periodic tracking error of the worm gear because of problems with the motor drive. You can tell their is a major problem due to the audible oscillations when slewing at high speed.

So for the next few evenigns I'm solving that problem, and also modifying an 8 inch cake to act as a cover for the wormwheels.