Another visit to the New Forest Observatory, this time for some hard work.

Greg has started work on his second observatory dome in his back garden. Last week he cut the turf and dug the 3 foot deep 20"x20" hole for the concrete base for his pier.

I don't know anything about concrete, and Greg knows slightly less, so in the spirit of Douglas Adams "Fine we'll do it together." I did do the concrete for my pier years ago, but that is about the limit of my experience. However, Greg's shiny new yellow cement mixer (very Vogon) made short work of it, and things progressed far more quickly than either of us expected.

Many wheel-barrow loads of sand and gravel and about 4x25kg sacks of cement later we have a fairly respectable looking pier base sticking about a foot out of the ground.

Greg's next job is the wooden decking upon which sits the dome. I'm keeping well away - bad things happen to woodwork when I'm around!

Concrete telescope pier 1
Concrete telescope pier 2
Concrete telescope pier 3