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My Arduino Projects

Here at the Curdridge Observatory we have embraced the Arduino platform and put it to a wide variety of uses. The combination of programming in C++ and a wide selection of easily integrated modules makes the Arduino perfect for our projects. In most cases we use Arduino Mega 2560 boards

The homemade Arduino telescope - this project sees the Arduino used to control a computerised GOTO telescope mount with a dedicated ASCOM driver

How to write your own Arduino telescope - a page to help people trying to make their own Arduino GOTO telescope mount

The Arduino controlled telescope observatory dome - in this project three Arduino boards coming together to automate the rotation of my homemade fibreglass telescope observatory dome

The Arduino Focuser - fully ASCOM telescope focuser using Arduino pro micro

The Arduino controlled magnetometer - using an Arduino Mega to measure the Earth's magnetic field with a fluxgate magnetometer

Debouncing Arduino in Hardware - how to debounce a switch attached to the Arduino using a couple of extra components

Arduino PWM - how to change the frequency of the PWM on the Arduino Mega

Local Sidereal time - how to calculate local sidereal time with an Arduino

Arduino Observatory Dome - Completely automated fibreglass arduino telescope observatory dome